Monday, 9 February 2015

Big Waters with Pintail

Up to Big Waters for the Sunday Walk where the pond was well frozen with most of the birds right up next to the main hide.  The only thing real discernible was the remains of a Mute Swan being disposed of by a few of the Black Hand Gang

The Gull with the Black Legs which seemed a bit shorter had me going for a while until it stepped out of the shadows (although from the suns angle it didn't seem to be in the shadows) and turned out to be a BHGull 

I also caught view of a Jay over by the Beach but a Crow soon chased it off.  Last Thursday Alan J spotted 22 Greenland White Fronted Geese flying around Big Waters and one of them had a neck ring.  Alan sent of the number and had a very comprehensive answer back by the next day.

V8F caught Loch Ken, Scotland, winter 2010/11, wintered Loch Ken 2011/12, Kintyre 2012/13, Loch Ken 2013/14.

V8F         09.11.2014              Hårr, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY          LBL/ARJperAF
V8F         11.11.2014              Hårr, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY          MDAperAF
V8F         22.11.2014              Høyland, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY    EWperAF
V8F         29.11.2014              Høyland, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY    MDAperAF
V8F         01.12.2014              Høyland, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY    BTSperPS
V8F         10.12.2014              Høyland, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY    MDAperAF
V8F         14.12.2014              Høyland, Hå Kommune, Rogaland, NORWAY    MDAperAF

I couldn't get up on Friday or Saturday and by the time I spotted them on Sunday ther were down to a group of 14 but were up and down due to Air Sea Rescue and a Wildcat Helicopter.  So here is a longish distance shot of them coming in to land but they were only on the ground for less than 10 Seconds then up and away again.

The Wildcat also got one of skyward looking team a bit excited so I obligingly took a few photos of it from the hide as he needed the neck ring  number on the tail.  He hadn't bothered to bring his Kodak Brownie as he wasn't expecting to see anything new (I only got 5 new year ticks today).   So for those who also have this weird hobby of looking at things in the sky and getting numbers of them here is a picture

Then the news came over the air (from the Auditor) that a Pintail was on the pond and Alan J upped the pace as we were only half way round, I dropped behind to look at something and picked up a Willow Tit but I couldn't tell if it was one of our regulars as couldn't see if it was ringed but suspect not.  I eventually caught up with them as they were looking for Stonechat in our regular spot that they haven't been seen in for over 20years (you just gotta be optimistic).  We eventually got round to the hide (we went so fast I only had time to unwrap and eat 2 Humbugs).  I was supposed to be in charge of counting Smew that day but took up the challenge of counting the Pintail and got it up to a magnificent 2 when a Female was spotted (Great spot Ian) in amongst the Teal.   So here a few pictures from the Hide.

A Weasel was spotted by Alan J and inbetween taking pictures of Wildcats I managed to snap off pictures of it although the settings were a bit off

At last the Video with a sweep of the lake showing all the birds closed up together and the Pintail pair also

PS.  Bumped into one of my friends from work, Ian B, great guy with such a cheery outlook on life and a taste for the outdoors - next time bring the little rotund guy and we can go for a walk ourselves

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