Monday, 16 February 2015

Big Waters - 15 Feb 15

Once again a solitary trip out at the weekend to Big Waters was all I could fit in to a busy schedule.  Got there a bit earlier than the others and immediately picked up a Jay which seemed to be favouring a high pine.  I pointed out the tree to Keith B when he arrived and sure enough it flew back to the next tree after a few minutes.  Just a Jay to the rest of you to us a great patch tick.  Walked round with the rest of the regular crew and was also joined by Tony, Graeme B's brother.   Alan J gave up as we set a cracking pace attempting to get round in record time, he muttered something about having to pick up an important package and taking it somewhere ! (Any excuse to get out of a long walk)  We did spend a bit of time watching the 13 White fronts but they stayed quite distant although seemed settled.  Did get a few pictures but a SD card failure put paid to most of them.  Did manage to get a short video off the card though, so here you are you lucky people. 

Also a few other pictures of the day follow

Song Thrush singing well
 Early shot but still a bit misty
 Plenty of Goldfinches around
 A lot of Swan Racing going on
A distant shot of the White Fronts
 Looking at this lovely lady one might think she could be a few pounds overweight or ?
 Still a bit misty at the end of the visit

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