Monday, 20 April 2015

Big Waters - Sunday 19 Apr 15

Went for our regular Sunday Walk but only 3 of us as Alan J is holidaying in the Deep South West and Graeme was absent (but did bump into him when I was leaving).  Ian, Keith and I met up just as the rain started to spit and the wind started to blow so we headed for the hides again.  Plenty of Sand Martins with a couple of House Martins as well.  A pair of Shoveller, a couple of pairs of Gadwall, a few Teal, several Tufted, lots of BH Gulls, no sign of the Garganey although it was spotted on Saturday.  In the hides it was cold and windy so we decided to leave early but outside it had just started warming up so off we went looking for Whitethroats but no luck, although we did hear a couple of Blackcaps, Chiff Chaff, Linnets, Skylarks, Willow Warblers etc. We then dispersed but a Chiff Chaff caught my attention and I ended up watching 3 of them in the car park for another hour.  As usual here are a few photos from the day.

Willow Warbler
(These were taken early morning, before the others got out of bed
and I was just polishing off my 2nd Latte)

Got this shot in the wrong light so had to tweak it a lot tad

Chiff Chaff

Sand Martins using the frames for a quick rest till the Lesser BBGs dropped in

Finally, as usual, a very short video of the Chiff Chaff serenading me

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