Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Early Morning Visit to Big Waters

Popped up to Big Waters this morning for a looksee at the Garganey, unfortunately I got a glimpse of the Drake for about 10 seconds then rushed ambled up to the main hide but no sign of it.  Spent about 45mins relaxing before heading of to work - couple of pics for you

Gadwall are really pretty looking birds

A Fox wandered across the scrape, took a dump, then buggered off

 I tweeted the following text with the above Picture
"Alan, there's a dog dumping on your scrape and no owner in site carrying a plastic bag. #cleanupafterthem"

Another very pretty bird
 And a very little quirky amusing one

Finally a couple of pictures of the Garganey that we saw on Sunday Morning

and one of the shortest video's I have ever done

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