Saturday, 16 May 2015

Big Waters Update

Once again my week has been rather full of work, work and more work.  Haven't even got round to doing the ironing, hoovering or the garden yet, although I did manage to sort my pictures from last weekends visit to Big Waters were we had a great walk round on Sunday adding Whitethroat, Lesser Whitethroat and Swift to the Patch List.  So here are a few pictures from the day

As you can probably see the Common Tern on the right has a ring on it and after a lot of photographing I have managed to get the ring number and passed it on to Alan J who hopefully can get it from the BTO so we can find its origin.  Note the other Terns left leg (poor thing).  There is another Tern there with a ring also, so will attempt to get that if it decides to stay.
Plenty of singing Sedge Warblers
A very short video of a Sedge Warbler singing and Birders talking
 One of five Pochard that have been seen a couple of times last week
A welcome addition to any birders morning as it pops up beside you and belts out its amazing song louder than most singers and doesn't need amplification
The family of Swans from Little Waters are now doing daily trips to Big Waters.  Still 8 Cygnets and their father clears a patch at Big Waters before they are brought onto the pond ensuring some modicum of safety

Then faster than a speeding bullet (not quite) but can be just as deadly
Finally one of my favourite places at Big Waters and as Spring turns to Summer the foliage will completely encompass the path making it a stunning view.  Unfortunately then the path will be filled by cyclists, dogs walking their humans,  family packs of walkers with children off the leash, horses with people on their backs wearing their pretend police shirts to make them feel important, etc etc.  Of course they all have their rights just like I do but I don't ride along the paths eating choc bars and just throwing wrappers away, leave my old shoes lying on the road like some leave their bits of bikes that have broke, leave huge or small dollops of excreta where other people are treading, run across fields that have signs that say DO NOT, I could go on (as I normally do) but just look at the beauty of this little spot

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