Sunday, 31 May 2015

Trip to Scottish West Coast last week

Had 5 Days on the West Coast of Scotland last week.  It was not a birding trip but we saw quite a few anyway.  Here are a few pictures from the visit.

On an outhouse next to the hotel near Prestwick
 Some great street art in Glasgow

 Went to Church a few times
 Great afternoon walking back and forward crossing the bridges on the River Ayr

 Met these nice guys who live in the harbour area of Ayr then we found out they came from Darlington (where Carole comes from)
 Lots of Bikers around there although this guy and his bike just blew the rest away
Poor James Watt
Only 1 VPL on view as many eyes followed them as they walked around the square
 Zebra trying to communicate with Herring Gull
Great idea for your old wellies

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