Monday, 8 June 2015

The Weekend's Antics

Big Waters

I got beaten by a Tortoise in my last race so what chance have I got now
 Damn, little BHGs could be due right next to the Common Terns nests
 I've watched other Birds doing this so thought I might give it a go for 
30mins or so and see if I can pick up a small titbit
Down from 8 to 6 but has also cleared the pond of the other Swans and now rules the roost
 First Large Red Damselfly of the year
 Quite a few around even with the high winds, just a pretty picture
 The Boardway Arch is filling in nicely
 Tremendous winds forcing planes to come in at strange angles
and wobbling quite a bit but the Emirates came in at the strangest
angle yet it was rock steady.  Pilots definitely deserve their wages

Howdon Wetlands
Beautiful meadow but a bit too windy for Butterflies at the moment
Although at least one little bird was using it
 The hide at Howdon, note the smashed windows on the lower level done in a 10min makeover by those kind prats from a housing estate not too far away.  The only good thing to come out of it is there are now 4 Swallows residing in there although only half a nest is built

 A few of the 17 Grey Herons that were there on Sunday

The Swans were out of site but I could see at least 3 of the 4 young
 I noticed 2 Godwits amongst the Curlews and decided to take a pic but using only the viewfinder on my Bridge I missed them completely but got this shot.  The left bird is obviously a Curlew but the right one is much smaller (Any comments appreciated (to go with a couple I already have))

The Garden

The chap who lives behind us has recently lost his wife and he used to cook 3 meals a day for the two of them although I suspect now he does what I do when Carole is not in and just makes a sandwich.  He used to put out the remnants of his meals for the 3 Herring Gulls but very little goes out now so they have started sitting on the garage roof waiting for us to put food out.  For a chap not far off 90 he still gets around OK and always hangs a bag of Rhubarb on the fence at least once a fortnight and always chucks his egg trays over when he has finished with them.
In case you didn't catch my Moth Blog here are a couple of pictures of the
Lime Hawk-moth I trapped on Friday night

Now for the obligatory video, I could watch these for hours in the garden

Quite a good little feeder this

p.s.  Met Mick M on Sunday at Big Waters.  Great chap and extremely knowledgeable, hope to bump into you again 
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