Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Big Waters Sunday 31 May 15

A late start on Sunday for the Big Waters Walk due to the weather but when I arrived at least the rain had stopped.  Although after we hunted around for about 30mins the rain started so the 4 of us headed for the hides bumping into Graeme B on the way.  Not a great lot to see as everything was huddled into the reeds as the wind picked up a bit although the rain did hold off.  Everyone was scouring the area hard trying to find something when someone did, it was Alan J of course and just as we were getting our Bins onto it Alan called it as an Osprey.  About 10 seconds was all we got of it then, grabbing cameras, some of us raced outside, unfortunately just in time to see it disappear in a SW direction over the trees.  Not a great lot else was seen but here are a few pictures anyway.

This young fox came onto the main scrape causing all the birds within view
to come up to the scrape and watch it

Fox wandering along the Scrape
 One Day......I will get a good shot
 From 10 down to 2
First Blue Damselfly of the year

Well thats another exciting weekend over with although if I am bored I can always
go and watch the birds feeding and drinking in the garden

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