Monday, 11 April 2016

Big Waters - 9 April 2016

Alan J, Ian D, Keith B and myself set of for the normal Sunday morning wander although Keith left us after a short while, then rejoined us then left us due to an urgent meeting with a red nosed albino nordic bit of stuff 
(btw Keith I got a picture of your date although it flew off as soon as I got the camera out)

Anyway, back to the birding.  What a lovely day although in places there was a slight chill due to the wind in places.  3 Great Crested Grebes had been on the pond and 3 Oystercatchers were on the island although a couple of us thought we had seen 4 (but couldn't get that past the Bird Rarity Committee).  A Marsh Harrier had been seen (and photographed) a couple of days ago but not by any of us unfortunately.  The Mute Swan nest is being occupied by Mrs Swan at Little Waters and 
Mr Swan seems to commute between Little and Big all the time.   

A noticeable movement of Meadow Pipits was noticed by Alan J, as we walked the Northern extremity, heading S to N.  Redwing and Fieldfare were noticeable by their absence although Ian had seen 4 Fieldfare earlier on in the week.  A couple of Kestrels were also noticeable in more than one place as we walked around.  Back in the hide John D was doing a bit of ringing although he had only had caught up to 10 birds at the time although there was plenty in the Feeding Station including a couple of unringed Willow Tits.  Well here are a couple of pictures from the walk, didn't take many actually as it was such a pleasant day.

A Sparrowhawk putting the willies up quite a few birds
My first picture of a Chiff Chaff this year
 A pair of Great Crested Grebes displaying 
(I know its distantbut I got pretty good views 
through my binoculars - you should have been there)
An ever increasing Pile of Sh**e
 Normal view of the Tunnel but from the other way
 Activity in the Dipping Pond
(The frogs and toads are too quick and skeddaddle)
Posing Oystercatchers

Finally a short video compilation of bits and pieces, some decent(ish), some bad 
and all comments are views of those speaking and not of their employers

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