Monday, 4 April 2016

Big Waters Sunday Walk - 4 Apr 16

The gang (Me, Ian D, Alan J, Keith B and Mick M (on holiday from the rest of the world))gathered at the public end and off we went although it wasn't long before we lost Keith as he went to tick Goldcrest which Alan and Mick had heard although Ian and I don't bother with the high register stuff due to our medical problem (old age).  Keith rejoined us before we got back to the pond and was with us for the rest of the walk although he did a bit of conversing with Mick on seat configurations in Airbus 300 and 340s or some such flying things.  The subjects of new series on TV, old series on TV, Avis Car Hire, at least a dozen countries in the world (all of which Mick had been to in the last few weeks), big lens cameras (Nikon 900), working times of farmers, tax exemptions, The Toon/Sunderland/Championship, Tories, eating out, good looking women (I might just have daydreamed about that though), the weather.  We eventually got round to looking for birds and were quite successful although how good will depend on whether Keith reached his target of 50 or not.  Some of those we did get to see were 4/5 Buzzards, Red head Smew, Curlew, 30-40 Linnet, Meadow Pipits, Oystercatchers, Bullfinches, Song Thrush, Chiffchaff, Lesser BBGs, Snipe as well as the usual suspects.  So enough prattling on and here are the pictures and a short video.

Big Waters Diving Championship
Miss M Mallard preparing for her opening dive
a Forward double twist with open tuck

off she goes but unfortunately only scored a 5.6

A gorgeous pair of Bullfinches feeding constantly

Buzzard being harrassed by Corvids
(I much prefer the big bird long distant blurred shots
to the close up pin sharp ones from Maria and Sedgy)

Oystercatcher arriving for a Paddle 

Canadas always seem to arrive very aggressively 

...then they get very pally
...also the gorgeous Smew but still distant

                           Finally a short video compilation of some of the above and even more birds

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