Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Big Waters (for a change)

Very early Friday morning and went for a walk around Big Waters.  Too early for Mr Nikon to be of any use so it stayed in the bag for the first part of my walk.  A Green Woodpecker spotted at a distance, stopped and watched but as soon as I took another step away it went.  A couple of Chiff Chaffs and a Willow Warbler calling from their usual spots still makes me stop every time and try to locate them, today I managed just the 1 Chiff Chaff as the first part of the journey is always into the Sun.   2 Canada Geese and a chick sat on the bank as I strolled by and just had to take a very bad pic of them (why cant the camera see what I see!!!!)

As I strolled along the Mallards and Coots were in their usual places, a Grey Heron broke cover from the reeds and flew up towards the Lake, even though it knows it will be disturbed as this is the main route for the walkers it still goes there every day waiting for the first walker to stroll by.   Eventually turning towards the East on the circular route gave me a chance to warm Mr Nikon up with a few shots of wild flowers and a couple of scenic shots including this serene lakeside view, with a Common Tern the only thing in view and the glass like features were due to a complete absence of wind. 

On Saturday morning up to the hides where the unusual site of a pair of Bullfinches which flew straight into a feeding cage were a pleasant suprise.  All other shots I managed were spoilt by the wire with the feeders on that runs across the feeding station, I must grow a couple of inches in order for me to get a better shot and being able to use the crop facility on the camera or persuade Alan to move the wire, thinking about it growing a couple of inches is the easier bet

At least 3 different Great Spotted Woodpeckers came into feed several times and then probably back off to their nests to feed young uns.   Although one of them seemed to be a bit tired as he rested on the stump with his eyes closes having a cat bird nap.

Then a bit lof lying down on the job

Down to the island hide on the way out and the Common Terns where quite active although this shot was from Friday morning when the light was 500% better.

A couple of brief glimpses of 2 new Tern chicks as the parent got up and moved its position to get more comfortable,

Then it was off to Gosforth Park via McDonalds for a 2nd Latte and a late breakfast of a Crunchie McFlurry and my insulin.
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