Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Sunday With Johnny

Due to technical difficulties (the beloved made me look at holidays for the last 2 days) the blog from Sunday is yet again late.  Sedgedunum John and I headed up to Blyth first and sure enough plenty of Eiders on show and plenty of Coo Coo Cooing going on.

On to the Harbour where we quickly located the 8-9 Snow Buntings but this one just sat there for a while giving some decent views.  I didn't bother to take "good" pics cos I had some great pics last year (thats my excuse)

As a certain lady I know always says quantity is better than quality (I think she is talking about bottles of wine) I went for the pic with the most birds in - I know there is 5 in this pic

It was then I had another Lifer in the form of Will Dawes, ever such a nice chap.  We bumped into several other birders also but to correct a friend of mine, "another guy" is called Tony.  The Bonus Bird of The Day, a Red Throated Diver, was spotted moving out to sea down the river, diving as it went (The clue is in the....... Better stop there or I will be done for Plagerisen Pleygerism Copying

After a brief tip to Newbiggin to take in the delights of "The Couple" (still dont get it) and a look at the odd bird or 27 Med Gulls, but they promptly dissappeared as we were walking to the beach when some well brought up young lad who obviously failed his SATs (its the 6th you fool) let off a rather loud banger and the area was devoid of wild life (even the dogs crapping on the beach left) within 30 seconds.

On to Druridge where John A, who on espying our 2nd Common Darter of the visit managed to get it onto his hand with no problems at all (I remember previously when he was in my car a draft copy of my new publication "Dragonflies - How To Train Them" went missing)

On our departure from Druridge I spotted a Ladybird huddled under the base of a Teazel.  Is this very late for Ladybirds or was it just the bloody awful weather the last 2 years that makes me think this.

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