Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting As Much Birding In As Possible

Out for an a early wander on Thursday and whilst walking along a path a loud squeal and a thump made me turn round and lo and behold this not so little bedraggled thing was looking at me.

It was severely bedraggled but not 5m above me a Magpie was giving audibles at an astonishing rate so I just walked off and within 10 secs the Magpie fluttered down.  "Good Luck Little One

A Coal Tit was flying back and forth feeding some young in a unknown place as it kept vanishing
into some dense shrubbery.

Thursday night the BBC said it would rain heavily and for once they were right - anyone out there in that awful weather - I was (watching Olympic Torches Kissing) getting wet (Damn, I could have gone birding)

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