Monday, 18 June 2012

Sh****ng On Your Own Doorstep

Due to ones heavy workload and inability to get out a lot due to other commitments I have taken on an unwaged person to the Howdon Blogger staff after his continual pleading.  AJJ has been a regular at Big Waters for a short while and is now learning his way around.  His photography skills are second to anybodies but in order to secure his services I have to give him Birdwatching lessons to try and improve his limited skills.  Well he forwarded his first pic to me yesterday and personally I think it is a pile of shite but I promised I would post it to see what the public think.  

The birds everyone loves to ring Stock Doves

Last Friday, I managed a day off and was going to do a few birdy things but due to the weather it was cancelled so got dragged out to see the Olympic Torch by the wife who then took a few pics, guess which one is me

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