Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Too Much Work, Not Enough Free Time

Haven't been out much since Saturday but here is a few recent pics:

An early morning walk before dawn along the Tyne always perks me up

A Gadwall at Big Waters

Spent ages waiting for the Little Grebes to come a little closer and eventually they obliged

The Feeding Station at Big Waters last Sunday, hope it has gone down a bit by now.  The Pictures I missed were the 2 Pintails on the main pond at Big Waters and after hearing a Kingfisher call a couple of times but unable to locate it I went to the Feeding Station windows and it was sitting on the post nearest to the window (bottom left of the picture) and before Mr Nikon could operate away it went.  

A blurred snap of my first ever Blackcap in Big Waters Feeding Station

Bath Time in Chez Hall's country estate gardens

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