Sunday, 5 May 2013

Saturdays Wanderings

Saturday, John and I headed up to Beacon Hill with a quick stop at Arcot where there was quite a few Sedge Warblers, Willow Warblers, Chiff Chaffs and Whitethroats calling.  We also bumped into Dee and a bit of a Chat ensued.  There was also a Black-tailed Godwit which did a couple of circuits of the lake then vanished but we saw it again as we drove off.  One has also been reported at West Hartford this morning.
We then headed onto Beacon Hill and after a Sat Nav failure (we didn't have it on and were relying on memory how to get there) we eventually arrived.  Lots of what we expected were around but the beauty of the place is what grabs you most.  

We stopped at Amble for a two course meal (Fishcake and Chips - no expense spared) which as usual we shared with the Black-headed Gulls and took a few pics.

 Note the partilly severed chip being expertly placed in line with the birds flight

We then headed for East Chevington where we had some great views of the Marsh Harriers and not so great views of the Purple Heron which only deemed to come out of the reeds twice during the hour we were there.
We then headed home cos John had an appointment with some girls, something to do with running and lots of money.  As usual it was a good day and we both seem to be unholstering our cameras less and just soaking up the scenery and the sights.  

Felicitations go out to 2 fellow bloggers we bumped into, Peter F and Gordon, also it was nice to see Nigel who we had missed for a while.

Then when I arrived home my 3 darlings were waiting for me, one of them cooking furiously to keep the old man satisfied and the other 2 not giving a damn.

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