Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Oot and Aboot 5 November 2014

Headed up to Gosforth Park with John (Sedgydonherin Warbler) for an hour last Thursday to wait while the traffic calmed down after the inital rush for those who have to go to work (I dont LOL) although having retired I now feel as though I am working for Carole Full Time.  Anyway 5hours later we left Gosforth and headed home as I had to get paperwork sorted for Passport Renewal (Thanks Alan J).  We stayed there as the company was quite canny (Nice lass that Maria) and as the Bitterns were temptingly teasing us with fleeting glimpses it seemed impolite to leave.  Anyway here here is video compilation of a couple of pics and several short videos of what went on and it was nice not to have had to cut any swear words out for a change.

You all must know where it is by now but just in case you do not