Thursday, 11 August 2016

Red Squirrel at Big Waters

On my last visit to Big Waters on 31 July and after a quiet walk round with Ian, Alan, SedgyWarbler and Keith we all had the first ever Red Squirrel we have seen at Big Waters.  Big thanks to Keith for spotting it.  It was quite confiding and just watched us in the woods for about 20 minutes then headed away.  We then went back to the hide and unbelievably it was feeding quite happily on Black Sunflower Seeds in one of the "Squirrel Proof" cages although suspect they were designed for Greys.  Anyway here are a few pictures and a video with some of the other things we saw including Fledged Common Tern, young Black Headed Gulls, young Great Crested Grebes and several other things.

Note the Willow Tit watching the Red Squirrel

and now the Video

Young Great Crested Grebe
  Young Shelduck
 Young Black Headed Gull

A couple of more pictures of the Grey Wagtails from 2+ weeks ago